No more headaches!
We can show you a way to have a completely worry-free renovation. Join us today and find out how!

Welcome to your Reno Journey!

When most people renovate, they do not generally live nearby their new home and this makes it difficult to keep track of what is getting done, who is doing the work, and how far along the progress is.

With us that is unacceptable, so we have created a solution for that. With AppyReno’s renovation journey you no longer have to wonder or take time out of your day to go and receive updates on the progress in person.

You will be given access to a page dedicated to your project that only you can access tracking every step of your renovation journey.

On your page, you will find a detailed description of your project, all of your quotations, progress reports, and documents related to your project accessible at any time 24/7 from your device.

You will now have the ability to view a precise breakdown of the quotations given to you and be able to accept, reject, or revise from anywhere in the world. With this you will be able to message your project team specifically what you would like to revise whether it is a specific contractor on your project or all of the team. There will not be a wait time for them to get the message as it will be immediate and directly from you!

Your daily progress reports will show an in-depth view of how your renovation is coming and will have milestones for each task as well as who is currently working on this task along with pictures of what has been done.

This will let you know if any areas are falling behind schedule or do not meet your expectations.

To compliment this, we have Phases to show the specific progress for each area at hand.

When your project is coming close to the due date you can go over the checklist we have provided outlining all the tasks that were to be completed on your journey. If these tasks are not all completed our AppyReno Mediator assigned to your project will handle the contractors for you. So, you can be assured that everything is completed.

For payments to the project team working on your renovation you will no longer have to write a check and hand it to them, you will be able to pay via an electronic payment portal.

Additionally, there will be no more risk or worry of a contractor running off with your hard earned money as we will mediate the payments for you and only pay them when they have reached certain milestones in the project and must follow our Standards of Procedures.

If you find any flaw with the contractor’s work or something has happened there will be no waiting period to change contractors as we will immediately replace them and rectify the situation at hand. If they have damaged anything in the process of their work, fear not because every project will be insured for any of those just in case moments.

So, welcome to Your Renovation Journey, your worry-free way to renovate.

Multi-Project dashboard

If you have more than one location being renovated (you house flipper you 😉) you’re in luck as well! With AppyReno’s MyReno Journey you will be able to view all locations at the same time each with its own tasks and goals and an overall view of the progress! So, no more worrying, just sit back and let us handle it while you watch from the comfort of home.