Guns don’t kill people — home improvement kills people

Can you imagine a more stressful time than renovating your home?

You work all day and then have to find the time to make it to your new place to make sure that the contractor has actually been doing his job and not just sleeping while you pay him.

You want to make sure that everything is going to be perfect for when your family comes to visit and judges every little millimetre of your new home. Otherwise you will hear about it for years to come and never live it down until one of your siblings or cousins has a worse house.

Making your house into a home is far from fun for many and at times you may just want to give up and cry.

One small issue can eat at you for days, weeks, months and possibly years if you know what it is and are anticipating that someone else may some day notice.

Let’s face it, your hair is turning grey just reading this and wondering if you hadn’t seen something before.

Even to this day people still worry if the work on their homes will get finished in time or at all and they have the full right to be worried.

Even though the times have changed this does not mean people have. There will always be someone somewhere looking to cheat your money.

If you’re reading this then that means you may know what I mean already or are scared of it

There are some services that say that you can find handymen and contractors you can trust. Can you really trust that company though?

You will still have to put down at least 50% of the total if not the whole payment before any work will begin. They then release half of the payment to the contractor for materials and such to get started.

This doesn’t stop the contractor from running if they intended to run from the beginning though. This puts you out of your money and really unable to do much if you cannot prove that they intended to run with your money before they started.

So, at that point what can you do? You weren’t robbed as you gave them the money willingly, and the company did pretty much what they said they were going to do and hire you a contractor. So, if they end up not wanting to reimburse you or find you a new contractor without you having to pay more, you’re up a creek without a paddle.

Lucky for you there is AppyReno. Yes, you still put down your hard-earned cash. Or if you needed financing, you applied for the Renovation Loan. Either way there is no more need to worry about contractors running.

If the work doesn’t get done to your liking they don’t get paid. Super simple ya? Instead of giving the contractor the money to buy supplies we supply the contractors. This way they don’t even have a chance to think about running off.

On top of that since they are under our parent company they must follow ECO Group’s SOP which has its own strict guidelines for how things are done as they have to maintain the reputation they have worked so hard to build.

Honestly if you look at any of the previous projects it isn’t too hard to tell that you can trust they will do a good job.

I know this has turned into promoting the company, but seriously, why throw money and hope for the best when you could invest the money, know what you’re going to get, and not have to worry about it?

No risk and high return sounds too good to be true, but in this case, it’s not.

We believe a Home is the most important investment you will make in your life and your family is your most valuable asset, more than everything!