Member’s FAQ

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

1. How to be a Member?
It is easy to start your shopping at AppyHome Plus, just follow our simple sign-up process to become a member. Registration on AppyHome Plus is free, all we need is your mobile number and email address to get started.

2. Password changes?
To change your sign in password, please login first and click on the menu bar (Top Left). On this option, choose Settings.

3. Can I change my registered email address or login details?
Unfortunately, you cannot change your login details and email once signed up as a member on AppyHome Plus. If you need to change your details, you need to first write to us and withdraw the membership from AppyHome Plus. Please note that you cannot transfer unused credits or vouchers to another account, once you withdraw your membership you will lose all the unused credits, points, shopping history, vouchers and wishlist.

4. I lost my sign-in password?
If you lost your Appyhome Plus password. Just go Login page and choose Forgot Password. Insert your registered email address to reset your password. You will receive a new password for your login and remember to change the password when you login again.

5. I cannot receive an email for temporary password.
If you do not receive any email for a temporary password within an hour even you registered from Appyhome Plus Mobile App. Please check spam (junk) mailbox in your email account. If the email is blocked as a spam (junk) mail, you have to unblock the email. If there is no email even in spam (junk) mailbox, please try to request it again or contact us.

6. I want to change my address.
You can change your address on Profile which is on the menu bar Bottom Left. You can put up to 5 addresses and only shown one as default. On this page, you can update and change personal information too.

1. How to search for the items?
Products Navigation are based on 9 main categories and 48 Sub Categories.

2. Can I sort my view?
You can sort products based on Latest, Price: Low – High, Price: High – Low, A – Z and Z – A.

3. Can I add on filter to what I want to see?
You can view products by adding filters (Based on Category, Sub Category, Style or By Shop) by default there’s no filters set. By putting filter it will limit your viewing as well.

4. How to post inquiries to the seller?
At this moment, feel free to contact us for any product relatable questions. We will continue to upgrade our app features in constant effort.

5. How to remove an item in your shopping cart?
To remove an item in your shopping cart, you can click on the Cart icon (Top Right) and tap on dustbin icon on the product you want to remove. You cannot undo this action.

6. I have ordered and confirmed payment with AppyHome. What should I do next?
Once payment is made successfully, you will receive an order confirmation with order summary via email. We will also send you email to keep you updated on your order status. You can also check your Order Details on AppyHome Mobile App. Go to menu bar, choose My Purchase and you will see all your orders and status online.

7. What is Wish List?
While browsing, if you have found some products that caught your attention but not sure to buy or not to buy, put them into your wish list. Wish list allows you to save time to go back to the products you were interested and to put them into shopping cart for a quick check out. Find your Wish List at Menu Bar, Wishlist.

1. We support the following payment option at AppyHome Plus *Online Banking
We are in the midst of adding new payment method, in the near future you will be able to enjoy more flexibility while shopping at AppyHome.

2. How can I know if my payment was successful or fail?
Notification will be sent via email within 24 hours upon completion of order confirmation. In the event if after the aforementioned period there is no confirmation, kindly contact us at to clarify your purchase. Please include as much information as posible for us to assist on your case efficiently.

3. Can I pay the seller directly for the products I purchased?
Please note that only transaction that take place within AppyHome Plus, we can offer assistance wherever needed. We will not be able to enforce our guarantee for best possible customer service to all out customer if you made payment outside AppyHome Plus.

4. How can I pay by credit card?
Unfortunately, we only accept online banking at this moment. However, we are adding new payment method in the near future for you to enjoy more flexibility while shopping at AppyHome Plus.

1. How do you determine Shipping Fees?
Shipping Fee is determined by sellers based on the total weight of their products. Actually shipping fees please refer to the shopping cart or Order/Payment page.

2. What is Free Shipping?
Free Shipping is an additional benefit provided by sellers that they will bear the shipping cost for buyers. However, this exempted shipping fee may be imposed to buyer if buyers cancel order/ request return and the responsible party lies with buyers.

3. If I order multiple products, Do I pay shipping fees one time only?
Shipping fee is calculated and charged individually per each seller. If you are buying products from the same seller, you are most likely to pay shipping fee one time for all (Bundle Shipping). The best way to enjoy Bundle Shipping is to put products in your shopping card and check out together. AppyHome Plus will calculate shipping fee for buyers based on seller’s shipping fee settings.

1. How do I know if the Seller has shipped my purchase?
After you have successfully paid for your order, verification process will be conducted and customer service will update as soon as possible by email.
Order Received —— Shipped —— Delivery Completed

2. Can I track my purchase status?
Yes. You can check the status on Menu Bar, My Purchase. Choose the order you would like to check.

3. If I check out multiple products together, will I receive it at the same time?
Every product you purchase will be shipped by its sellers. Unless you are buying multiple products from the same seller, the arrival time of each item may vary.

4. How long usually shipping takes?
Shipping period depends on the courier companies selected by the Seller. Usually courier companies manage to deliver the product within 3 to 5 working days after shipment starts (local). However, if there are weekends and public holidays, shipping can take longer time. For International Seller, general guideline is from 15 – 54 days depending on origin.

5. Can I cancel my order has been shipped?
Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate to your request for cancellation once the item has been shipped. Status of the product only an estimation from Seller, if you wish to cancel the purchase please contact our customer service team immediate.

6. Can I self pick up my purchase?
AppyHome does not provide self-service pick up option at this moment.

1. Can I cancel my purchase?
Yes, you can. However, cancellation is only applicable when the shipping has NOT started yet with the exception of pre-order products.

2. How do I cancel my purchase?
If you need to cancel your purchase, please contact us immediately for your request.
We will only able to process your cancellation if the product is confirm by the seller that it is still have not been shipped.

3. How can I check if my order was successfully cancelled?
Once your cancellation is successful, you will receive an email confirmation.
In the event that you have not heard from us for over 3 days unless otherwise stated, please contact our Customer Service Team immediately.

1. How long does the refund process usually take ?
Once your cancellation is successful. The process will starts immediately via the refund method you have chosen (Appy Credits or Refund via the way you paid)

Appy Credits – 3 Days
CreditCard / Online Banking – 3 months or less.
(It depends on bank procedures some might take as less as 14 Days)

2. Can I edit my bank detail for refund?
We can only refund to the account that made the payment. If there was invalid information, please contact our refund team immediately.

1. What is Return?
If the product you have received is faulty, wrong item or damaged, you must email us the details so that we can arrange the return of the item back for an exchange. However for it to take effect, the return request need to meet seller’s return policy. If fail, the seller has all the rights to reject your request.

2. I want to return my product. What should I do?
Please email us the details to our customer service team so that we can open up a case for you immediately.
Please indicate the following
Account ID :
Order ID :
Product :
Model :
Payment Date :
Reason : Please explained the nature of your claim and attached pictures for us to evaluate.

Email to us at