Return & Exchange Policy


    1. Seller will accept the return of Failed Deliveries and Return Products in accordance with the Policies and Appyhome will have the right to determine at its sole discretion whether a Buyer will receive a refund, adjustment, or replacement, and to require Seller to reimburse Appyhome if Appyhome determines that Seller is liable to do so in accordance with the Terms.
    2. Seller will promptly notify Appyhome of any Inadequate Product (or the threat of a public or private recall) and cooperate and assist Appyhome with returns, including by initiating the procedures for returning Goods or Products to Seller.
    3. Appyhome will collect, reconcile and/ or credit to Seller the Commission related to any Order that has been returned or for which there has been a Failed Delivery.
    4. In case of a Failed Delivery, Appyhome will bear the cost of the Payment Fee, the Shipping Fee and the cost of shipping back the Product (provided the shipping has not been arranged by Seller).
    5. In case of an Inadequate Product, Seller will be debited for all cost associated with the return and refund or replacement, including the Payment Fee and Shipping Fee and the cost of shipping back the Inadequate Product, provided that, where FBA Goods are concerned Seller will also be debited for any Storage Fee and Handling Fee.
    6. Appyhome has no obligation to accept any Returned Product. Appyhome however may at its sole discretion request that the Product be returned to a designated location for further quality inspection. If Appyhome, directly or through a third party of its choice, determines during the quality inspection that the Returned Product is faulty or damaged, that it cannot be offered to other Buyers because of his fault or damage and that this fault or damage has been caused by Buyer, Seller will not be liable to accept the Returned Product.
    7. Unless they are FBA Goods and provided Failed Deliveries have been returned to Appyhome, Appyhome will organize the delivery of such Products to the address indicated by Seller within sixty (60) days from the Shipped Date.
    8. Unless they are FBA Goods and provided Appyhome agrees to accept Returned Products at its designated location, Appyhome will organize the delivery of such Products to the address indicated by Seller within forty five (45) days from the Fulfillment Buyer Agreement date. Appyhome reserves the right to examine and determine at its own discretion if returned FBA Goods are sellable despite having been returned and Appyhome may dispose of, or return to Seller, such returned FBA Goods, or if they are saleable, place such Returned Products back in the inventory of Seller.
    9. Appyhome will not be responsible for any risk or liable for any claims, demands, liabilities, expenses, losses, cost or damage in connection with any Failed Delivery and Returned Products (including due to a threatened recall) and will claim all costs incurred in that respect form Seller.