Types of People who do Home improvement

Is home improvement for you?

Yes, yes, it is. Home improvement is for everyone no matter the background or financial class everyone can improve their home.

Home improvement is a new chapter in our lives where we try to improve on it and make our lives at home much more comfortable although due to finances some may be more drastic than others.

There are different types of home improvement and some may be better choices than others for some people.

So what kind of home improvement person are you?

  1. Bob the Builder

If you want something right you do it yourself! You fall under this category if you love working with your hands and don’t mind doing your own work. Cost of this could go one of two ways though as this requires you to buy your own tools and know how to use them. This could either be extremely cost effective or end up costing you a small fortune especially if you end up miscalculating materials or measurements. Supplies and mistakes can add up very quickly.

  1. The Scrooge McDuck

You like to save every shilling that you get and have a hard time letting go of it. You have the money but you seriously do not want to pay any more than you must for anything. You will sometimes sacrifice the aesthetic if the price or discount are right. The quality may be questionable at times but at least you got a good price. Nobody stayed rich by spending money, right?

  1. The Tony Stark

You have a mountain of money burning holes in your pockets. You don’t care how much it’s going to cost you so long as it’s the newest and most expensive thing that you can show off to the people come and visit. Solid gold bathroom fixtures? Why not? It will show that I have a lot of cash to throw around. Worse comes to worse I can melt down the gold and resell it. Nothing is out of the question if it will show the fiscal power you can throw around. You will often have at least one room that no one uses.

  1. The Tightrope Walker

You want something that looks premium but doesn’t break the bank. You have a budget that you want to follow but may give a bit extra if something makes life a bit better without costing too much more. Quality is very important to you but the quality must justify the cost. Your tightrope is the balance between cost and quality.

  1. The Accountant

You fall under this category if you are the type to research and calculate every minute detail prior to doing anything. You want to compare the cost of the rate you’re given to the estimates that you had added up for all the supplies and labour based off the “going” rate. You want to go over every detail of the project. Nothing will go over budget and everything is accounted for. You’re not cheap, you’re cost efficient.

There are many types of people who want to renovate and do home improvements and many people will fall in between categories or can completely switch depending on the circumstances.

So where do you fall in these categories?

As Always have an Appy Day!